Business analysis and consulting

By means of a business analysis in the initial stage of cooperation with clients, we identify business processes, needs and requirements. Based on that, we recommend the most suitable ICT solution tailored for each client. The purpose of a detailed analysis of current client needs is to propose a solution that leads to quantifiable benefits in the form of cost savings, better work organisation, more effective communication and thus achieving better performance. Such solution may include recommended changes in the organisational structure, processes or strategic planning as well as introduction of a new information system or ICT means. During the business analysis, we also prepare necessary functional and technical specification of the solution that will serve as the guide for implementation.

    • Business process optimization
    • Requirement catalogue
    • Enterprise architecture
    • Functional and technical design

Data analysis and reporting

Business intelligence (BI) and data analyses are crucial for fast and efficient decision making, process management and identification of trends or issues. Data analysis techniques and tools help us analyse large amounts of collected data and transform them into an easy-to-read format. Our goal is to develop analytical models providing relevant and up-to-date information for clients at all levels of management for operational as well as strategic decision-making. Historical data analysis and “what-if” analysis make it possible to monitor future impact of your decisions and forecast possible events. With the latest BI tools, the possibilities of adjusting the analytical models and visualisations are accessible to executive managers and other employees without the need of assistance from the IT department or an external vendor.

    • Data analysis
    • Decision making documentation
    • Trend identification
    • KPI definition and monitoring

Design and implementation

Our implementation of cloud services includes the design, installation, development, data migration, testing and deployment into the production environment. Based on the initial business analysis, we will propose the most suitable solution and prepare the implementation plan. We will provide you with necessary licences, install and configure the server infrastructure, create user and e-mail accounts, adjust business applications per priorities in the requirement catalogue and perform migration of existing client data. Prior to the launch to the production environment, we perform comprehensive internal testing of the entire solution and have it accepted by the client.

    • Complex deployments
    • User account provisioning
    • Data migrations
    • Service packages

Configuration and customization

Each client can formulate a set of specific requirements or needs. Therefore we adjust our solutions to fully comply with client’s demands. We select and configure applications from our portfolio based on what you use the most and what is important for you. We group the users according to the structure of your internal departments or teams and assign them appropriate access rights. In SharePoint we configure the site collection structure, set up sub-sites, add SharePoint applications and populate them with required content.

    • Dynamics 365 configuration
    • Microsoft SharePoint configuration
    • MS Exchange configuration
    • MS Azure configuration

Cloud migration

We provide migration of the complete corporate ICT infrastructure to cloud, including migration of existing e-mail accounts, user groups, documents and even entire SharePoint sites. For large migration projects, we prepare migration plans with identification of risks and detailed technical preparation of the environment and target infrastructure. We support migration from the following platforms and services: Google Apps suite, Novell GroupWise, IBM Domino – Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Scalix, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Enterprise Archive EMC and Symantec.

    • ICT infrastructure migration
    • Document migration
    • E-mail migration to MS Exchange
    • Multiple platform support


During the information system audit, we check hardware, software and methods of storing and using the information. We inspect security and operational documentation of the information system. Such assessment of the existing solution results into a recommendations for removing uncovered shortcomings and optimisation of using the ICT means in your company. Our recommendations may include, not limited to, upgrade to the latest version of the application software or migration to a cloud service. Process audit is focused on analysis of the existing processes in your organisation and in the outcome will define solutions for achieving preset goals.

    • ICT infrastucture analysis
    • Security audit
    • Recommendation definition
    • Process optimisation

Data backup

Corporate data are stored mostly in the digital format as files on data media and must be properly protected from loss and misuse. Backup of critical data can be done in multiple ways; however, the most common one is to make copies on other data media using one’s own ICT means or a cloud service. We provide clients with automated data backups into cloud infrastructure resistant to natural disasters, flexible and scalable within highly secure data-centers. This approach provides possibility to work with or restore the data even in the event of serious outage of local infrastructure.

    • Automated backup
    • Unlimited data storage
    • High level of security
    • Data availability

Training courses

We offer training courses on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365 and the online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. We teach you how to work with the applications using a web browser interface and explain the possibilities and limitations of these applications. We go through the scenarios how to use OneDrive (cloud data storage) and the options to synchronize it with the local data storage. We practice communication via Skype and show you how to use the capabilities of the Microsoft SharePoint platform for document management and corporate portal creation. It is also possible conduct a bespoke training for individuals or groups of employees.

    • Microsoft Dynamics 365
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Office 365 and OneDrive
    • Individual or Group sessions

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